The Carols

Enormous and unceasing praise is due to Fran Wade and Kevin Bown for arranging the Consort carols and making this music available.


Undying thanks to Lotte and Miles for putting up with us for so long - 18 years this December!

Lotte's favourite is a Cornish carol, 'Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy!' audio file - a thoroughly appropriate thing to sing in this house of joy wherein many and various joyful instruments can be heard each week.


Click here for PDFs and sound files of the Carols

You are welcome to download pdfs of the PACC carol scores but please credit them fully if you use them externally or reproduce them in any other format.

Random videos below

Above: PACC sing Merry Christmas

Below: PACC visit to The Star at Whiteshill, Stroud in 2013. Filmed by Philip Booth for Stroud Community TV.

Below: Lotte's favourite - Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy.

(Sorry about the back view of the tenors throughout. Could be worse, could be the front view.)

Below: Another one but I've forgotten which for the moment.