The Prince Albert Carol Consort

Prince Albert Carol Consort (PACC) BEFORE COVID-19, USED to sing unusual carols in The Prince Albert, Rodborough, every Sunday lunchtime in December leading up to the 25th.

[Find the Albert on a map here.]

Lotte and Miles

Above: Our lovely, lively hosts, Miles and Lotte

You may not have heard these carols before. They are upbeat, rollicking and great fun to sing and were cast out of Victorian churches along with the musicians who accompanied them.



wow what a yearas we remember


The Consort was formed in 2001 by a handful of regulars who, inspired by the long tradition of carol singing in pubs in parts of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Cornwall, decided to plunder words and tunes from books and recordings and establish our own Stroud tradition.

By learning words from one source and singing them to tunes gleaned from another source, the PACC managed, inadvertently, to give birth to its own subtly hybrid tradition - a technique famously exploited by the I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue team.

Drinkers with a singing problem!


The PACC is not a formally constituted choir. It has an established core of organisers but no hierarchy. There are no auditions, you just turn up.

The Consort is whoever turns up on the day!