The Note Shapers

Above: Meg Holdsworth our ever patient pianist holding out in a sea of swirling sopranos, amphibious altos and bottoming basses battling a turbulent tide of tenors.

Kevin and Fran

Above: Kevin Bown and Fran Wade (shown above playing at a wedding in The Bear Hotel, Stroud) are responsible for annotating and arranging the PACC repertoire, conducting rehearsals and teaching new carols.


PDFs of the Carols and some sound files

Click on the titles below for pdfs of the scores. If you use them externally or reproduce them in any other format, please ensure you include credits fully.

CLICK HERE for complete collection of current (2016) carols designed to be printed back to back to make an A4 booklet with each carol on a facing page. Thanks to Alan Mossman for this compilation.

Click on adjoining buttons for audio files. These were recorded in 2009 by Nick Mills. Some of them we'd barely learnt which is why they're a bit ropey. We've no excuse for the others but we are a lot better now, several years later!

001 We Singers Make Bold audio file

002 Pentonville

003 Sound Sound audio file

004 Awake Arise audio file

005 Three Harks

006 Peace O'er The World audio file

007 Back Lane audio file

008 Jacob's Well audio file

009 Shepherds Rejoice audio file

010 Hark Hark

011 While Shepherds Watched audio file

012 Mount Moriah audio file

013 Egypt audio file

014 Lo The Eastern Magi Rise lo the eastern magi

015 Hail Smiling Morn audio file

016 Old Foster audio file

017 Arise & Hail audio file

018 Diadem audio file

019 Curly Hark audio file

020 Let Heavens Ring With Jubilee audio file

021 Shepherds Arise audio file

022 Awake & Join The Cheerful Choir

023 Song Of The Angels At The Nativity

024 Joy's Happy Morn

025 All Glory To God - All parts

025b All Glory To God - All parts + bass words

026 Northfields - All parts